Club Practice Schedule

Vision Volleyball Club has over 250 athletes participating in USAV National events, NCVA Power League as well as its own Futures, Middle School, and High School programs. Power League teams practice two to three times per week, and Vision's camp and clinics programs generally take place on Sundays. Vision Camps and Clinics are primarily held at Los Gatos High School.


Travel Teams Tournament Schedule

The club season runs from January to the beginning of July. Tournament play usually includes approximately five weekends for NCVA league play, and three or four weekends for national tournaments. NCVA league tournaments are held throughout Northern California. The national tournaments take place in a variety of locations, and each team’s specific play is determined at the beginning of the season. These tournaments usually require travel on a Thursday afternoon or evening and play takes place from Friday through Sunday, or Saturday through Monday. In addition, each team will compete in an end-of-the-year tournament which is a one-week event at the end of June or early July.