Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane Wk2 - Another Successful Weekend!  
Congratulation to the 5 Vision teams that attended Week 1 Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane, on May 21-23. Below are their finishes in this event and the teams that earned bids to the 2021 Girls’ Junior National Championships in Las Vegas, NV. 

Vision 13 Gold - 2nd Place Finish! earned USA Bid!
Vision 14 Gold - 4th Place Finish; earned Open Bid!
Vision 14 Blue - 3rd Place Finish; (already earned a bid from Regionals)
Vision 15 Gold - 3rd Place Finish; earned Open Bid!
Vision 15 Blue - 9th Place Finish.  

Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane Wk1 -  5 Vision teams attend, all finish top 4! 
Congratulation to the five Vision teams that attended Week 1 Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane, on May 14-16. All five teams finished top 4 or better and earned bids to the 2021 Girls’ Junior National Championships in Las Vegas, NV. 

Vision 12 Gold - 3rd Place Finish! (already earned bid from 1st Place finish at Far Westerns)
Vision 16 Gold - 4th Place Finish; earned Open Bid!
Vision 16 Blue - 1st Place Finish; earned American Bid!
Vision 17 Gold - 3rd Place Finish; earned Open Bid!
Vision 17 Blue - 2nd Place Finish; earned USA Bid!

Vision Qualifies 12 Teams for the 2021 Junior National Championships
Congratulation to the following Vision teams for earning bids to the 2021 Girls’ Junior National Championships in Columbus, OH (18U) and Las Vegas, NV. 

Vision 12 Gold - 12s National Bid (1st Place finish at Far Westerns)

Vision 12 Blue - 12s American Bid 
Vision 13 Gold - 13s American Bid (Earned USA bid at the PNQ in Spokane)
Vision 14 Gold - 14s National Bid (Earned Open bid at the PNQ in Spokane)

Vision 14 Blue - 14s American Bid
Vision 15 Gold - 15s National Bid (Earned Open bid at the PNQ in Spokane)
Vision 16 Gold - 16s Open Bid (Bid earned at the PNQ in Spokane)

Vision 16 Blue - 16s American Bid (1st Place Finish at PNQ in Spokane)
Vision 17 Gold - 17s Open Bid (Bid earned at the PNQ in Spokane)

Vision 17 Blue - 17s USA Bid  (Bid earned at the PNQ in Spokane)

Vision 18 Gold - 18s National Bid
Vision 18 Blue - 18s American Bid

Vision Qualifies 7 Teams to COVID Cancelled 2020 JNC's.

Congratulation to the following Vision teams for earning bids to the 2020 Girls’ Junior National Championship in Dallas, TX. As we know the 2020 JNC's were cancelled due to COVID, but teams should be proud of this accomplishment.
Vision 12 Gold - 12s American Bid
Vision 13 Gold - 13s National Bid
Vision 14 Gold - 14s USA Bid from Colorado Crossroads
Vision 15 Gold - 15s American Bid
Vision 16 Gold - 16s National Bid
Vision 16 Blue - 16s American Bid
Vision 17 Gold - 17s American Bid

2020 NCVA Power League Final Standings to COVID shorted season.
Vision 17 Gold - Finished 5th in the region (out of 60 teams) 
Vision 17 Blue - Finished in the silver division and 17th overall.
Vision 16 Gold - Finished 2nd in the region (out of 112 teams)
Vision 16 Blue - Finished 4th; Vision has 2 of the top 4 teams in NorCal!
Vision 15 Gold - Finished 3rd in the region (out of 121 teams)
Vision 14 Gold - Finished 8th in region (out of 112 teams)
Vision 13 Gold - Finished 1st in the region (out of 78 teams)
Vision 13 Blue - Finished 7th in the region (out of 78 teams)
Vision 12 Gold - Finished 4th in the region (out of 42 teams)
Vision 11 Gold - Finished 4th in the region (out of 14 teams)​
​All 2020 Final Standings - Click Here

Vision Qualified 8 Teams for 2019 Junior Nationals!

Vision 12 Gold, 14 Gold, 15 Gold, 16 Blue, 16 Gold, 17 Blue, and 17 Gold qualify for JNCs! (18 Gold previously qualified for the 18JNCs.)  16 Gold, 17 Gold and 18 Gold earned Open bids and the other Vision teams earned American bids.

Vision - Recent College Commits:

Congratulations to Sianna Houghton (18 Gold) on her commitment to Washington.

Congratulations to Lauren Sabbatini (18 Gold) on her commitment to Fresno State.

Congratulations to McKinley Fox(18 Gold) on her commitment to Marist.

Congratulations to Saige Madden(18 Gold) on her commitment to USF.
Congratulations to Lizzie Fleming (17 Gold) on her commitment to Duke.
Congratulations to Lana Radakovic (17 Gold) on committing to UC Davis.

Congratulations to Audrey Pak (16 Gold) on her commitment to UCLA.

Congratulations to Amelia Browne (17 Gold) on her commitment to Yale.

Congratulations to Jasmine Powell (17 Gold) on committing to Portland State.

Congratulations to Carissa MacDonald(17 Gold) on committing to UC Irvine.

Congratulations to Katie Hulme(17 Gold) on committing to Emory.

Congratulations to Melina Mahood (17 Gold) on committing to Princeton.

Congratulations to Sonte Stewart (16 Gold) on committing to Florida Atlantic.

See more Vision commits:

NCVA Power League Regional Finals Highlights; 5 Bids!

Vision 17 Gold - Win the Region! They went 7-0 to finish 1st in the tournament and in overall points. They declined the NCVA National bid since they earned an Open bid in Las Vegas (and Reno). Previously-qualified!

Vision 17 Blue -  finished 6th and earned an American bid. Vision is the only NCVA club to qualify two 17s teams in 2018. Qualifies!

Vision 16 Blue - finished 7th, good enough to earn an American bid. Vision is the only NCVA club to qualify two 16s teams in 2018. Qualifies!

Vision 15 Gold -  finished 4th in overall points and earning an American bid. Qualifies!

Vision 14 Gold - went 5-2 to finish 4th, earning an American bid. Qualifies!

Vision 14 Blue - went 4-2 to finish 9th place and 10th in overall points. Vision is the only NCVA club with two 14s teams in the top-12.

Vison 12 Gold - At Regionals they placed 6th to earn an American bid. Qualifies!

Congratulations to Vision 16 Gold! Earns bid in JNC Bid in 16 Open!

NCVA Far Westerns: 11 Vision teams went to the Far Westerns Qualifier in Reno. Highlights: Vision 16 Gold finished 5th in 16 Open and in doing so, earns a Open bid to Nationals! Another strong finish for Vision 17 Gold, who finished 3rd in 17 Open and Qualifies AGAIN!

Vision 17 Gold Earns Open Bid at SCVA Qualifier in Vegas!

SCVA (Las Vegas) Qualifier:  Playing April 21-23 in Las Vegas, five Vision teams attended one of the last JNC qualifiers of the season in a quest for a bid and recruiting exposure to college coaches. Vision 17 Gold went 7-3 (8-3 including the final tiebreaker) to finish 4th out of 28 teams in 17 Open and earn an Open bid to Junior Nationals in Detroit!

Pacific Northwest Qualifier

Playing March 23-25, Vision 18 Gold went 7-2 to finish 4th in a tough field of 24 teams in 18 Open. They previously qualified twice and used this tournament to get some great practice in preparation for Junior Nationals.

Colorado Crossroads

Vision 18 Gold wins a Bronze Medal finishing 3rd in Open, and qualifying AGAIN!

Vision 18 Gold Earns 18 Open bid to the 2018 JNC's!

Golden State Qualifier (18s) – Vision 18 Gold won an Open bid at the NCVA Golden State Qualifier, held March 2-4 in Reno. First the players had to fight through a snowstorm. Then they won their first 5 matches, making it to the top-4 Gold pool. At the end of Day 2 and start of Day 3, 18 Gold lost two close matches, but bounced back by beating Skyline Royal and then winning tiebreaker sets over Idaho Crush and Skyline Royal to finish 2nd and earn an Open bid to JNCs. JNCs in be held on April 27-29 in Anaheim, California.

Vision 18 Gold Takes 2nd Place at the Ohio Valley Qualifier

Vision 18 Gold put in an impressive performance at the Ohio Valley Qualfier, February 2-4. They won 5 of their first 6 matches in 18 Open to reach the Gold pool, where first beat the only team that had defeated them earlier in the tournament. Finally Vision lost two very close sets (25-27 and 23-25) against a tough Legacy 18 Elite team (Lakeshore Region), finishing with an 8-1 record and a 2nd place medal. 18 Gold will show their stuff at the Triple Crown tournament February 17-19 then resume their quest for an Open bid at the Golden State Qualifier, March 2-4 in Reno.

12 Blue and 11 Gold Go Undefeated in AAU #1:

Congratulations to Vision 12 Blue and Vision 11 Gold who both won all four of their matches to start out undefeated at AAU #1, which was played January 27 at City Beach and San Jose State. 

NCVA Power League Qualifier Results

Here are results from the two-day NCVA Power League Qualifier tournament. Nearly all Vision teams defended or improved their starting seed. Remember that PLQ doesn’t award any league points but determines the seed for PL#1 (which sets how many points you can earn in PL#1).

·         17 Gold started #1 and went undefeated to finish #1

·         17 Blue started #13 and finished #7 thanks to a key win over Pacific Coast

·         16 Gold started #1 and went 6-0 to remain #1

·         16 Blue started #20, lost 1 match then battled back to win 6 in a row and finish #22

·         15 Gold started #8 and went 6-0 to finish #8

·         15 Blue started #15 and went 3-3 to finish #35 after a close loss to UC Elite 15-1

·         14 Gold started #12 and went 6-0 to finish #2 thanks to a close win over NCVC 14-1

·         14 Blue started #10 and went 5-1 to stay #10, 

·         13 Gold went 4-2, maintaining their seed

·         13 Blue went 4-3, improving their seed from #27 to #19

·         12 Gold went 3-3, improving their seed from #11 to #9

C​assidy Lichtman Testimonial

Former National Team Member; Former Stanford Player and Coach; 3x All American, and current Vision Coach writes testimonial about Vision Volleyball Club.  Click here to read

2017 JNC All-Americans

Vision's 17 Gold team was represented on the 17 National All-American team by Kamrin Caoili and Jessica Cusi. The 16 Gold team had three honorees with Lizzie Fleming, Liz Waters-Leiga, and Selina Xu (named tournament MVP) all making the 16 National All-American Team.

Vision Gold & Vision 16 Blue Win JNC Titles!

Vision 16 Gold and Vision 16 Blue both won gold Medals at the 2017 Junior National Championships in Minneapolis!   The Vision 16 Gold team won the 16's National Division and 16 Blue won the Patriot Division. Congratulations players and coaches! 

Cassidy Lichtman (15G Asst Coach) Featured in GJNC

USAV HP Program Honorees

The following Vision athletes have been selected to participate in the USAV HP programs this summer:

- Selina Xu: USA Youth National Training Team

- Skylar Canady: USA A1 Select

Vision 15 Gold, 16 Gold, and 17 Gold win 2017 NCVA Region Championship. In doing so, 16 Gold and 17 Gold went undefeated. This follows the 2016 season when Vision's 15 Gold also went undefeated in the NCVA Power League.

Vision Athletes Compete On USAV Youth National Teams
Several Vision players earned an opportunity to play this summer on the USAV Youth National Teams. Maria Santos (15G) and Selina Xu (15G) for the A1 team; Ciara Cantlen (14G), Audrey Pak (14G), and Helena Perez (14G) for the Select A1. See the Full Teams

Qualifying 2016:
18 Gold (Colorado, Socal), 18 Blue (Spokane) 17 Gold (Spokane), 16 Gold (Colorado), 16 Blue (Regional Bid), 15 Gold (Far Westerns), 15 Blue (Regional Bid), 14 Gold (At-Large), 13 Gold (Regional Bid)

2015-2016 NCVA Regional Champions:
Vision's 14 Gold, 15 Gold (undefeated in league play), and 16 Gold won their respective NCVA Regional division. See the results for each Division here: 16 Gold - 15 Gold - 14 Gold

6 Vision Athletes Noted as Prep Volleyball Senior Aces

Alexa Dirige & Ronika Stone Named UA AVCA HS All-American

Lauren Speckman (18G) and Ronika Stone (18G) Named PrepVolleyball Top 50 Juniors named its Top 50 Juniors for the class of 2016. Lauren Speckman and Ronika Stone were both named to this prestigious list. The full list can be found on PrepVolleyball (

Vision's Brittany Howard (2012) Helps Lead Stanford to NCAA Final Four, Earns All-Tournament
Vision alumnus Brittany Howard, a starter for Stanford, helped lead them to the 2014 NCAA Final Four. Brittany was named to the All-Tournament team for her efforts in their Semi-Final.

CIF Names All-Century Team - Vision's Williams, Gil, and Sherburne Honored
The California Interscholastic Federation named its 100th Anniversary Fall All-Century team. The team included Vision alums Rachel Williams, Amanda Gil, Erin Downey and Lindsey Sherburne. See the FULL LIST.

2014 Under Armour AVCA First-Team All-America
Congratulations to Vision's Alexa Dreyer, Gabrielle Carta-Samuels, and Carmen Annevelink were named to the 2014-2015 AVCA Under Armour All-America teams. Alexa was named to the First Team, Gabi to the Third Team, and Carmen named Honorable Mention.

2014 National Volleyball Club Rankings
Congratulations to our 2014 Vision members and coaches for their contribution in earning national status. Vision Volleyball Club finished off the 2014 Girls Club Volleyball season ranked as one of the top 3 clubs in the country. Triple Crown Sports, based out of Front Collins, Colorado, announced its National and State Rankings. The criteria takes into account each clubs tournament results during the club season for its 14-18 and under teams. Out of nearly 3000 clubs, Vision finished the season ranked 3rd in the country and 1st in the state of California.

2014 Junior National Championships
Vision Volleyball Club Qualified 8 teams, for the 2014 Junior National Championships in Minneapolis, MN., more than any other club in Northern California. This included teams qualifying for all of the following open Divisions; 14 Open, 15 Open, 16 Open, 17 Open, 18 open.

Vision wins three NCVA Power League Regional Champions
Congratulations for Vision 18 Gold, Vision 16 Gold, and Vision 12 Gold for finishing the 2014 season as the top team in there are age.

SCVA Qualifier
Vision 18 Gold takes first place in the 18 Open division in Los Angeles. The 18 Gold team has now double qualified for Nationals this year in Minneapolis.

Colorado Crossroads Results
Vision completed a very successful appearance at the Colorado Crossroads qualifier. Over the two weekends, 4 Vision teams made appearances in the Championship match in their division, with the 14 Gold team winning the 14 Open title. The results were JNC bids for 14 Gold, 16 Gold, 17 Gold, and 18 Gold.

California State High School Finalists
Congratulations to Vision members from Menlo, Mitty, and Valley Christian who competed this past weekend in the CIF State Championships.

Vision on Facebook & Twitter
Follow Vision on Twitter @VisionVBC. Become a fan of Vision on Facebook.

2013 National Club Rankings
Triple Crown Sports has ranked Vision Volleyball Club as one of the top 5 clubs in the country. Congratulations to all players and coaches for their dedication and hard work, and for the parents for their support.

USA National Program
Alexis Dirige, Kirsten Sibley, Lauren Speckman, and Ronika Stone, participated this summer with the USA High Performance program in Florida.
JNC Silver Medal for 14 Gold!
Vision's 14 Gold team made an exciting run to the championship match of the 14 American Division at the JNC's. They fell just short in a tight 3-game match in the final, but earned a Silver Medal for their performance.

Announcing Summer Sand Camps
Vision is excited to have added two Sand Camps to its summer sessions. Information and registration is available now. Space is limited.

Far Westerns: JNC Bid for 18 Gold
With a top four finish in the Far Westerns, Vision 18 Gold earned a bid to the JNC Championships in Dallas. Vision 15 Gold (1st), 17 Gold (2nd) and 16 Gold (3rd) also had top four finishes.

Vision 12 Gold Wins FW Title
Vision's 12 Gold won the Far Westerns Championship, earning a bid to the JNC Championships in Dallas.

Poncetta Earns JNC All-Tournament
Vision's 18 Blue team had a successful finish in making the quarterfinal round of the 18's USA Division. Taylor Poncetta ('14, OH) was honored as an All-Tournament selection.
Spokane Success
In an impressive performance, Vision teams returned from Spokane with strong results, including two 1st Place finishes (17 Blue, 16 Gold), and two 2nd place finishes (18 Blue, 17 Gold). 17 Gold, 17 Blue and 16 Gold earned their bid to the JNC's in Dallas.
Vision 15 Gold wins Crossroads!
Vision 15 Gold has won the 15 Open Championship at the Colorado Crossroads, earning a bid to the JNC's.
Vision 18 Blue Earns JNC Bid!
A 3rd place finish at the Colorado Crossroads has earned the Vision 18 Blue team a trip to the 2013 Junior National Championships. The younger ages for this event take place this weekend.

Local High School Honors
Vision has many honored on the All-Mercury News Girls Volleyball teams, including Volleyball Player-of-the-Year Anne Marie Schmidt (18G). Read the full article, with individual and coaching honors.
JNC Medals and Honors
Congratulations to Vision 18 Gold and Vision 15 Gold as each earned a Bronze medal at the JNC's. Brittany Howard (18G), Emily Sklar (18G), Maddie Dilfer (16G), Natasha Kosowicz (15G), and Tessie Powers (15G) were named All-Tournament in their respective divisions. Vision 16 Gold and Vision 14 Gold both had top 8 finishes.

USAV Youth National Teams
Alexa Dreyer (15G) and Maddie Dilfer (16G) have made USAV summer teams. Alexa will be competing in the European Global Challenge, and Maddie will be competing in the High Performance Championships.